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D3's Mobile Incident Reporting & Guard Tour App

Posted by Alex MacLachlan on Nov 5, 2013 12:35:00 PM

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   The release of our Apple iOS app with D3 Incident Reporting, Dispatch, Guard Tour and Post Orders follows months of development and testing, in which the vast potential of the Apple iOS operating system was fully leveraged by D3 development teams to transform the user-friendly iPhone, iPad and iPod Nano into the most configurable enterprise-grade mobile security management device on the planet: D3 Mobile.

D3 Mobile can be ordered pre-loaded with the D3 application or customers with compatible iOS devices can easily download the application from Apple iTunes, provided they have an access "key" supplied by D3 Security. Each application includes these fully-integrated D3 software modules:

Below, I provide an overview of what these modules can do for its user.

Incident Reporting

D3's industry-leading incident management software allows the customer to define all fields and workflows entirely to their specification. This feature is extended to D3 Mobile, allowing its users to report an incident using customer-defined forms. The scrolling fields take advantage of the intuitive Apple iOS operating system, and incident reports are made quickly and easily, which is critical when making a report from the field.

D3 Mobile also utilizes the iPhone's camera and GPS in several ways. Users can take photos of an incident scene, such as a slip-and-fall or vandalism, and upload an unlimited number of photos directly to the incident report. Using the built-in GPS, D3 Mobile can automatically associate a longitude and latitude with an incident report, or if the report is made away from the incident scene, the user can drop a pin on the approximate location.

With these key features and more, D3 Mobile is an easy-to-use instrument that consistently creates the highest quality incident data possible, from anywhere.

Guard Tour

Security tour management is the central component of any physical security operation, and D3 Mobile offers features that optimize operations for both officers and management. For officers, D3 Mobile has an easy-to-read, logic-based tour scheduling feature. Officers can see on one screen their entire tour, including checkpoint locations and completion notification, start and end times, and the ability to log a "self-initiated" tour (which can also be turned off, if desired by the customer).

At each checkpoint, officers can be asked to perform an additional task. For example, once reaching a checkpoint, an officer can be asked to check the status of a fire extinguisher, take a valve pressure reading, or record the temperature of cold-storage unit.

For managers, comprehensive performance and accountability statistics are produced, giving insight such as checkpoint completion percentage, and much more detailed statistics involving incident reporting, officer reponse-to-dispatch times, or officer time spent in certain areas of the tour.


Dispatchers using D3 Dispatch can send detailed dispatches to officers using D3 Mobile. Officers can accept the dispatch, and it will automatically update their guard tour statistics and route, plus the dispatcher can safely watch the officer as his or her route is tracked via D3 Mobile's GPS. When used in concert with D3 PSIM, dispatchers can send a detailed dispatch complete with video footage, access control information or other systems-generated data instantly to the officer, creating a more informed and effective response.

Post Orders

Sometimes called 'Procedures', D3 Post Orders is an electronic repository of floor plans, emergency procedures, evacuation routes, banned persons and any other documents deemed important by the customer. The repository is easily updated, allowing alerts, suspicious persons, license plates or weather information to be quickly uploaded and sent to every D3 Mobile-equipped officer.

Initially demonstrated at the annual ASIS International trade show, D3 Mobile instantly cast obsolescence on competitive products, including other smart-phone based offerings. Well-supported, economical and technically advanced, D3 Mobile is a total solution for any company requiring best-of-breed mobile incident reporting and security tour management.

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